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Wind in her Hair

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Version of You?

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Welcome and Thanks for dropping by!


So happy you’re here! I'm so glad you are pondering the idea of giving yourself the most powerful gift. “You”


We can only be truly happy and healthy by balancing the Mind, Body and Soul.


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While you're here why not take Beauty to the next level?


You are your own ultimate love story!


When you start to fall in love with yourself, suddenly the world looks different. The love you give to yourself will start reflecting back to you in your relationships and environment. As you tap into the frequency of love, it starts showing up all around you.


We create on the inside and this is with anything you desire in life. You must feel the emotions of what you want to create. Like an artist, she starts off with an idea, a vision. Then she prepares all the tools she needs to bring it to life. 


You are the creator of your own love story. You are the Artist!


Allow me to provide you with the tools. Let’s uncover the Masterpiece you already are and create more of the vision you hold for yourself.


Allow me to assist  you to shine and put your best foot forward!

Hair is one of my great passions! I have over 14 years experience in the hair Industry specializing in colours and cuts. What is the vision you hold for your hair? I love co-creating with you, hairstyles and colours that compliment your unique face shape, skin tone, hair texture, eye colour and lifestyle needs. 




Awaken the Beauty from Within!




What my 



Holistic Hair & Healing with Elisa.jpg

I thoroughly enjoy the conversations with Elisa. She is insightful and easy to open up to. Elisa inspires me to continue to improve myself. She listens attentively and offers helpful tools and processes.” 

Sheila Azarmanesh 


Essential Looks 

Coaching for You

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